Tips for Talking to Tweens and Teens about the Faith

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“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.”– Yogi Berra

The above quote from Yogi Berra is pretty profound. If we don’t know we were made for heaven, how are we going to live our lives as disciples? 

Tweens and teens are beginning to develop more sophisticated ways of thinking. In school, they are diving more deeply into subjects like math, science, art, and music. They should also be diving more deeply and learning that there is more to the Catholic Faith than they learned in First Communion prep or elementary religion classes.

Here are some tips for talking to your tween or teen about the Faith.

  • Be comfortable with questions. It is normal for teens to question their faith. Many, many people wrestled with questions of theology, and many smart people in the Church answered those questions. Let them know it’s OK to have questions and dig deep.
  • Grow alongside your child as they dig into the faith. Watch a video or listen to a podcast together. Prepare for Mass, go on pilgrimage, serve together. Help them find resources to answer their questions, and use them with your kids so that you can discuss and debrief with them.
  • Surround them with a faithful cloud of witnesses. Get together with other faithful families who have kids their age. Find local youth groups that are vibrant and faithful.
  • Allow them to discover new ways of praying and serving the Church. Check out the flavor identifier and guide for specific ways to experience God’s love based on their own particular personality.
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