Tips for Talking to Your Children about Going to Mass

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“If we really understood the Mass, we would die of joy.” – St. Jean Vianney 

Sometimes taking children to Mass is decidedly not joyful! The struggles to get dressed, in the car, and through the Mass with minimal whining, screaming, complaining, or foot dragging can seem like a burden rather than a joy.

But it’s important to remember and to talk to our children about why the Mass is a joy. And to continue to talk to them about it in ways that address where they are developmentally. As their brains develop, their need for a more complex understanding of the Faith grows. Don’t assume that because you’ve said something once or twice or countless times your child will remember it or relate to it at the age they are now!

Here are some tips for talking to your child about going to Mass:

  • When we go to Mass, all of heaven is there too! (particularly for young children)
  • We know that God loves us because He comes to actually be with us, and the Eucharist is the most incredible way that He comes to be with us. We show our love for Him by receiving the love and strength He gives us in the Eucharist. (particularly for school aged children preparing for or after First Communion)
  • Ask your teen what they like most (and least) about the Mass. Share what you love most and what you have gained from going to Mass even when you didn’t ‘feel’ like it. Allow them to wrestle with it and discover their own meaning and value in the Mass even as you guide them to love. (especially for teens)
  • Remember to ask the Holy Spirit to stir up real faith in the hearts of your children–He’s the one who can deepen faith and love in our hearts!

Written by Kathy DeVet


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