YOU have a story to tell. The Lord has done something (probably lots of somethings) in your life, and He wants to use that to help draw others closer to Himself. In fact, He’s counting on it.

In this series, you will learn...

  • what your own story has to do with God's GREAT story of salvation

  • how to overcome fears or struggles in sharing your story

  • how to prayerfully prepare to share your story in organized ministry situations AND in the everyday life you're already living

  • how to know when it's time to share your story

  • how to use your home as a "picture book" that helps to tell your story (especially helpful for families raising kids in the Catholic faith)

  • FOR PARISH LEADERS: how to build a culture of storytelling in your parish

AND so much more!

The Power of Story

Sample Journal Pages

The journals are available as downloadable PDFs. Each PDF is printable AND electronically fillable, so you can use a hard copy or a virtual copy.