Tips for Shared Family Experiences (Part 3)

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Shared family faith experiences can foster strong connections among family members, build trust, and invigorate our faith. 

Here are 3 tips to explore different ways of praying as a family.

  • Check out our guide to find many different forms of prayer and choose a way of praying that your family hasn’t tried. Or have family members take turns choosing a different form of prayer or write one way they would like to pray on a slip of paper that can be drawn at the beginning of family prayer times.
  • Plan a special meal or dessert for a special feast day in the Church, for example a birthday cake for the birthday of the Church on Pentecost, or let a family member choose their favorite meal on feast days of patron or name saints. Read a short Scripture passage or biography of the saint or watch a short video about the feast as a family. 
  • Make a visit to a cathedral, another parish, or local shrine to pray and learn together. Notice how this new place is built and designed in a way that’s meant to invite you closer to the Lord.

In what other ways can your family share the faith together?

Written by Kathy DeVet

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