September is the New January

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Anyone else mourning the waning of the long, lazy days of summer? I love waking up to light outside and having it stay light longer. Lately, I’ve really noticed that it’s darker in the morning. I’m not ready!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the seasons and I’m glad they change. But, I can be excited for the weather cooling down, apple and pumpkin season, and even a new school year, while at the same time, I’m sad that hot weather, berry season, and school-free days are ending.

A while ago I read a blog titled, “Why September is the new January.” Basically, the idea is that a lot of people set resolutions in September, not just in January at the beginning of the calendar year.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

It makes sense. September is the start of a new season, a new school year. It’s a time to…

As a homeschooling mom, I relish the summers off. For me, I need that time to slow down and have a different focus of my days. In the fall, I come back to the school year replenished and recharged, ready to go! I’m also always full of good intentions and resolutions: This year I will do ALL the things I’ve planned! This year I will not lose steam halfway through the year! This year I will plan regular field trips so we get out and do different kinds of learning! 

My resolutions usually go the way of most resolutions. I don’t do all the things I planned because I was not realistic in my planning. I lose steam halfway through the school year and let things slip. I do a bunch of field trips in the fall and then forget to schedule them when winter comes around.

But that’s OK. In the process of planning and resolving to do things, I can make changes. I can prioritize certain things that are really important to me. I can start energetically so that when I do lose steam, I don’t lose everything.

This September, I’m going to make resolutions for my own spiritual life. Maybe more realistic ones than I usually make. Right now, I think the grace and peace that comes from God are more important than ambitious schooling resolutions.

  • This September I will re-start our family after-dinner prayer time. Each member of the family will get to choose what prayer we will do for a week. We’lll start with the youngest choosing and work up by age each week.
  • This September, I will add 15-20 minutes of spiritual reading after lunch.

For your family, what would the next spiritual step be? Do you need to establish a habit of family prayer? Plan to say a quick morning prayer before going off to work and school, or before meals, or when bedtime comes around. 

Whatever it is, make a plan, discuss it with your family, write it down—maybe add it to your calendar—and commit to your September resolution. Sometimes they actually stick and become habits! 


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