Tips for Letting Our Senses Lead Us to Prayer (Part 2)

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St. Paul said, “Pray at every opportunity in the Spirit.” (Eph 6:18). We can use our senses to pray at every opportunity at home, by getting into the habit of turning to God. We can ask the Holy Spirit to help remind us to pray using our senses at home.

This week I have 3 tips for you to use your senses to remember to pray at home.

a graphic with the three tips listed below

At Home:

  1. If you hug someone, say, “God bless you.”
  2. If you turn on a light so you can see clearly, ask Jesus, the Light of the World, to help you see Him working in your life.
  3. If you taste something sweet like honey, jam, ice cream, or candy, thank God for all the good gifts He gives.

Can you and your family think of other opportunities to pray or bring God into your life at home?

Want to go deeper? Check out our ideas for Encountering God in the Everyday in our Practical Guidance space on the Hub! We can help our children learn that God is a part of our life at home and we can have short conversations (prayers) with Him anywhere and everywhere.

Written by Kathy DeVet

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