For Parishes & Groups

But the Lord has a plan: He wants to be at work through your ministry to change that.

More than just providing content and hoping that faith will grow wherever the content is shared, the Lord wants your ministry to be the culture and context within which He can encounter each person, each soul entrusted to your care. Encountering the Lord is the rich soil that feeds and satisfies, allowing people to have faith that authentically takes root and bears fruit. 



We want to help you...

Gather your team in common vision, language, and method to create a culture of encounter in your ministry.

Learn more about our team hub and The One Best Thing Team Training. 

Help each person in your care to recognize their own hunger for the Lord, so that you can guide them to encounter Him in a way that satisfies.

Discover The One Best Thing and how to use it in different group settings. 

Create opportunities for the people you serve to share shoulder-to-shoulder faith experiences.

These experiences drive relationships to be more deeply rooted in Christ, allowing your people to grow closer to Him while they grow closer to one another. Explore our video subscription library, podcasts, and free resources, and learn about how to host a Family Prayer Project at your parish.