"Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure."
-Pope St. John Paul II

Sometimes raising Catholic kids feels more like a complicated struggle than a wonderful adventure. We can help.

Faith becomes more of an adventure when it’s rooted in a personal relationship with Jesus. When each member of the family grows in faith individually and together, the whole family can experience the joyful, abundant life that only God can give. 

Parents can help their kids grow in faith by:

Making sure they are CONNECTED to loving disciples. Research demonstrates that warm family relationships go a LONG way to helping kids develop and grow in faith, and warm, friendly relationships with other disciples do, too! These relationships allow disciples to model the joy of a lively faith and the difference that the Lord makes in their lives, so that faith can take root and bear fruit in the hearts of kids. 

Offering them repeated opportunities to be CAPTIVATED by Christ. Parents, parishes, and ministries who help children and youth to actually encounter and respond to Jesus personally are giving these kids the BEST gift: the opportunity to build a relationship with the One who loves them most, is with them always, and gives them the grace they need to become who they were created to be.

Sharing in bite-sized CATECHESIS together. Of course our kids and teens need to learn their faith! And they often crave and digest it best when it comes in delicious, bite-sized bits of real beauty, truth, and goodness that are experienced and shared together.

Through our Hub, we offer YOU:

Connection to an online community of Catholic parents to support you in raising your kids

Ideas to help your family be captivated by Christ as you encounter Him together

Bite-sized catechesis to help your family grow in faith shoulder-to-shoulder

All so that your family's life with Christ really can be a wonderful adventure.

Ready to start the adventure?