Letting Go

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Here we go again. This month my youngest son gets his learner’s permit, which means, in our state, that in approximately 9 months, we’ll birth a new driver. These 9 months will be fraught with anxieties, frustrations, and excitement, as were the 9 months I carried him inside me before his birth. Different anxieties, frustrations, and excitements, to be sure!

This is not at all one of my favorite parts of parenting. And I’m a far more anxious and annoying parent to a new driver than I want to be. Before my first son started driving, I swore I would not gasp loudly, clutch the door handle, and dramatically press my foot into the floor, but guess what I do! And I cannot seem to help it!

Parenting is a long process of letting go—letting go of plans, control, roles… We may not realize it right away, but we don’t really have control of our own lives, much less our children’s lives. The best thing we can do for ourselves and for our kids is to surrender ourselves and them to the Lord. He has the best plan—far better than anything we can imagine. And a plan that goes beyond success and safety in this life—all the way to eternal joy and love with Him in heaven.

God gives me so many opportunities to practice letting go, not the least helping to train a new driver. Let go of control of the car, let go of being the one making the decisions, let go of the idea that I would be a chill parent. Just let go.

When we trust in God, letting go is easier. I often pray, “Jesus, I trust in You.” Then I need to walk the walk of trust and let go of my need to control and let God’s beautiful plan for me and my children unfold. And I continue to practice letting go, because I continually try to take that control back! Fortunately, God is merciful and patient.

Join me in praying “Jesus, I trust in You,” and practicing letting go so that God can fill us up with the good things He has planned for us and for our families.

Written by Kathy DeVet


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