The Gift of Hospitality

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When we got married 27 years ago, my husband and I didn’t really know what we were getting into. That’s pretty normal for married couples. But I really think my husband didn’t expect certain things about being married to me: like how much entertaining I’d plan to do. There were some growing pains. I didn’t realize how stressful it was for him that we had plans with friends most nights of the week. I got better at managing the calendar so each of us would be happy. I think he enjoys it, but I haven’t exactly asked him directly lately.

I’ve been told I have the gift of hospitality.

When developing the thinking behind The One Best Thing I realized that my primary flavor preference for encountering the Lord is Goodness, specifically relationships and connections among people. That gift of hospitality makes a lot of sense. I experience God’s love in a real way through the love of other people. And I like to serve God by particularly serving those I am in relationship with or have a connection with.

Some Goodness lovers are called to love and serve people far away—missionaries, people who visit the sick or elderly, those who feed the homeless, etc. Sometimes I can look at these people who God has gifted and called in these ways and feel inadequate. But, just as valid as the call to be a missionary is, so too is the call to love and serve those closest to you. Even your family members who drive you crazy at times!

Obviously, God doesn’t want missionaries to neglect their families. And He doesn’t want me to neglect those less fortunate. He doesn’t want people whose primary flavor preferences are Beauty or Truth not to serve the poor or their own neighbors. But not all of us are called in the same ways. Although my poor husband ends up serving friends and family much more than he probably feels called to!

How is God showing you His goodness today? How is He calling you to show His goodness to others today?

Written by Kathy DeVet


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