The One Best Thing for Parents & Families

Of course we need to feed our kids–their lives depend on it!
But for our children to be really satisfied, we need to offer them The One Best Thing.


And your kids are hungry for it, even if they don’t realize it.


The One Best Thing: A Practical Guide for Raising Families of Faith is a multimedia resource that equips Catholic parents to recognize their children's deepest hunger, so they can guide them to experience the satisfaction that only the Lord can give. 

How It Works

Step 1: Purchase your book and access all of the videos inside by using the QR code (or link, if you'd prefer).

Step 2: Let the book guide you through our research-based, customizable process to help each member of your family encounter and respond to the Lord.

Step 3: Grow in your love for one another and for the Lord, as you root your family more and more in Him.


What's Included?

Guidebooks include access to the chapter overview videos. Registering your book will also give you access to our community hub*: an online community of parents like you, who want to help their kids grow and thrive.

*Community Hub feature is not yet available, but it is coming late December 2022!