Encountering God: He Always Shows Up

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My mom tells a story about me when I was 3 years old. She asked me to pray for the grandfather of a friend who was very sick. The next day I wouldn’t pray for him again because I said that God had answered the prayer. So, she told me to thank God for that. I went in the other room and came out again pretty quickly. She asked, “What happened?” I told her: “I said, ‘Thanks, God’ and God said, ‘Welcome.’”

I don’t have a memory of that encounter with God, only my mom’s story. But I’ve had many, many more encounters with Him that I remember (and probably a heck of a lot that I’ve forgotten).

I’ll stop here, but I could probably keep going for a while.

When I pay attention and open my heart to God through regular prayer, when I respond to His Love with my own love, when I heed His nudges and step out in service, then I see so many ways God shows up for me every day. Even in the midst of the busy-ness of daily life. 

Sometimes I contemplate God the Father. I think of Him cradling me in His arms like I held my little babies. I ask for His protection and comfort and forgiveness. 

Sometimes I talk to God as a friend. I remember all Jesus did for me when He lived and died and rose for me, and all He still does for me each day. I think of His mercy and His burning love shown to me in His Sacred Heart. 

Sometimes I call out to the Holy Spirit for guidance and for help when I am trying to make a decision or can’t even deal with the mess of my day. 

Sometimes I pray to God in the full Blessed Trinity, trying to connect with the unity of the three Persons in One God. It’s so amazing that God is so big and He comes to me and is available in so many ways—however I need Him at the time.

God is always waiting for us. He loves each one of us infinitely. He wants to encounter us. He wants us to live in the deepest joy and most abundant life. When we stop and look for Him, we will find Him (see Matthew 7:7). He gives us the love we need to respond to His Love. He gives us what we need to know Him. And it’s so much easier to do life knowing that He’s got us and it all doesn’t depend on us.

Pay attention to how God is showing Himself to you. Invite Him into your heart and your life. Tell Him you want to know Him. Spend time with Him. Expect that He will show up, even if it’s not obvious at the time. And just wait and see how rich your life can become!

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Written by Kathy DeVet


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