Conversion Stories

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I love to hear conversion stories! My mom is a convert and I grew up hearing her story. She was raised in a Methodist home and had a relationship with Jesus, but she was searching for more. She found it in the truth of the Catholic Church when she was 19, much to her parents’ chagrin.

My husband had a re-conversion as a young adult after a very serious illness. He had drifted away from practicing the faith, but realized how much he needed God when he was near death. I thank God for that re-conversion since we met at church after it!

A dramatic conversion story one time made a big impression on me. A young woman who didn’t believe in God had a vision of herself in the middle of a very dry desert with a large black snake coming towards her menacingly. She cried out, “Someone help me!” And then she had an experience of God. He poured cool water onto her, green started growing in the desert, and the snake was vanquished! That was the beginning of her journey into the Catholic Church.

Conversion stories inspire me. They show me so many ways that God calls His people to Him. Hearing about the experiences and faith of others strengthens my own faith.

I don’t have an amazing conversion story. But that is OK. There is a daily opportunity for me to turn to God and follow His path for me. Even in the midst of my prayer time—each time I am distracted and then turn back to prayer is a mini conversion.

St. Paul had a remarkable conversion story. Check out this month’s Good News for Families in the Premium Hub to see how your family can commemorate the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul (January 25). This month, try looking for other compelling stories of conversions or even share your own!


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