Along for the Ride

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“Are you sure about this?”

We were standing in line for a ride at Sesame Place, an amusement park built for little kids and families in Pennsylvania.

I looked over at my five year old daughter, who was gazing up at the ride, her eyes shining with excitement. “Yes, Mom,” she said. “I’m sure.”

I, on the other hand, was not so sure. Once we were strapped into the ride, it would lift us about four stories straight into the air and then drop us back down to Earth. On my own, I would never choose to go on a ride like this. But when my daughter asked if we could go on it together, what else could I do except put on a brave face and say yes? 

It was suddenly our turn. We climbed into the seats and lowered the harnesses over our heads. Because we were sitting side by side, I could no longer see my daughter’s face, but I could see her kicking her legs. My heart was racing, and I wondered if hers was, too. 

“You ok over there?” I asked. 

“Yeah,” she replied. There was a pause. “Mom? I’m a little scared,” she said. My heartbeat quickened, so I tried taking a deep breath. 

“Me too,” I decided to admit. I could see her legs shift. “Want to hold hands?” 

“Oh – great idea!” she said as she snaked her small arm over to mine. We both relaxed as we squeezed each other’s hands tight. 

With my daughter’s hand in mine, as the ride pushed us up into the sky, I was able to admire the view. And by the time our feet were back on the ground, we were both yelling to each other, “That was so much fun!” 

Sometimes, admitting we are scared is the scariest part of being in a tough situation. Yet, once we know we need a hand, it is easier to reach out for one, both literally and spiritually. When we call on a loved one – and especially the Holy Spirit – to help us find our courage, we can discover the comfort, grace, and strength we need to handle any challenge that we may face.

We are exploring this idea further in the month of May through our series Good News For Families. Dive deeper into your relationship with the Holy Spirit and your family members through this shared experience on the hub. 

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