Goals & Core Values

Our Goals for Every Family and Community...

Personal Encounter

It's the moment when we go from knowing about the Lord and being aware that He exists to knowing Him personally and experiencing that He sees us, He knows us, and He loves us.

All of us were created for this personal encounter, but each of us craves it in a particular way that is consistent with the way God made us.

Personal Response

It's the moment when we hear the Lord call us, and we, like all the saints before us, respond with, “Yes.” The Lord invites each of us to do this in a way that is as authentic and unique as we are.

Core Value: Personal Response

Shared Experience

Encountering the Lord is deeply personal, but it usually doesn’t happen in isolation. When we have shared experiences of encountering the Lord, we deepen both our bond with Him and with one another. 

Openness to the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit empowers us to have eyes that see the Lord everywhere, which results in a whole life of ongoing encounters and responses, all the way to eternity.


Faithfulness to the Catholic Church

 Jesus instituted the Catholic Church so that He could truly be with us always. The Sacraments, the liturgy, the teachings of the Church, and the community of the faithful all provide opportunities to encounter and respond to the Lord, to nourish us to grow and thrive.