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What We Offer

Ablaze Family Ministries wants to help people to encounter the life-changing love of God, and equip families, communities, and parishes to live out their call to love and be loved. We have tools and resources specifically created for those audiences.

Ablaze Family Series & Groups

We all want what’s best for our kids! Our faith tells us that, while there are many GOOD things we can give them, there is only ONE BEST THING: a relationship with the God who made them on purpose, with a purpose. This ONE THING allows each one of us to live the life we were created to live, and ultimately leads to life eternal with the Lord in heaven.

Our content is designed to help you, parents, as you lead your children to have a genuine encounter with the Lord, desire a relationship with Him, and welcome His presence into their own lives.

We also want to help you cultivate Christ-centered community, building relationships with other families who are helping their kids to encounter and welcome the Lord too. Tips for building that community and fun activities to do with them can all be found here!


Rise Up! Middle School Day

We think middle schoolers are awesome, and science tells us that their brains are in a GREAT spot to encounter the Lord in a dynamic way, recognize His personal invitation to come and follow Him, and respond with a generous yes! The RISE UP day gives our middle school youth the opportunity for all of that, plus time for fun and friends too, and serves as a spring-board to deeper conversations and conversion at home and in their parishes. While our current RISE UP day is hosted in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, we’ve built a structure and schedule that we think will work anywhere, and can be a real opportunity for middle schoolers to RISE UP and become who God made them to be!

Rise Up Middle School Day has been cancelled, due to current COVID-19 circumstances. But we still have resources for you and your families to use and enjoy, until our next Rise Up Middle School Day will be in 2021.

Payment for Youth and Chaperones for the Youth track of Rise Up!

The cost for the youth portion of “Rise Up” from DYYAM to the parish is $25 per participant regardless if they are youth or adult. Parishes may choose to charge any variation of the price to their youth and adults depending upon their needs. At the conclusion of “Rise Up” DYYAM will calculate the amount owed by the parish to DYYAM and send an invoice. For instance:

If Our Lady of Immaculate Sorrows has 12 youth and 3 adults participate in “Rise Up”, then DYYAM will send them an invoice of $375 for the cost of 15 participants total x $25 per participant.

Family Prayer Project

Sincere prayer is the highest expression of our faith. It’s when we come and lay our hearts bare to the One who loves us most, putting our trust in Him, and being attentive to Him as He shares His heart with us too. The Family Prayer Project is a structured prayer experience that can be hosted at parishes or regionally, which allows families with kids of all ages to enter in, encounter the Lord in the Eucharist, speak to Him, and learn how to listen to Him too. All of it culminates with time for food and fellowship afterwards because... let’s be honest.