Ablaze Family Series & Groups

Help your family to have hearts ablaze with the love of Christ!


The ONE best thing, and how to give it to your family.

All of us want what’s best for our families, and while there are countless good things and opportunities and experiences that they can have, there’s only ONE BEST THING. Only one, and YOU can help them to have it: a relationship with the God who made them on purpose, with a purpose. Whether that excites you or terrifies you, or something in between, we’re here to dive into all of it with you, and give you real tools so that you can help your family recognize their own hunger for the Lord, and welcome Him to satisfy that hunger in a way that is specific to each family!


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Grow Together

As parents, it’s our missionary role to help our kids to encounter the Lord in such a way that the kids then choose to live a life in relationship with Him. That’s no small thing! Full of teaching, testimonies, and treasures of our faith, these beautifully filmed series are here to help. Use them as tools to help your entire family grow in their knowledge of the Lord and His Church, generate conversation, and ultimately grow in desire to welcome his love more deeply into their own hearts too.


A preview of our upcoming Adventure Series is available now for free! Click the button below to sign up to access it today.

Listen to our new, family-friendly podcast, Enkindle, which opens up the Sunday Mass readings to the family in a way that is relevant and relatable for family members of all ages.



Anyone who’s ever had kids knows the ever-present question when it comes time to do anything: Who else is doing it? Be prepared to answer that in a way that gets everyone excited, by cultivating Christ-centered community and forming a small group of other Catholic families! We have some simple steps to growing your own small group, or joining one through your parish.


A preview of the Adventure Series is available now for free! Click the button below to sign up to access it today.

How to Use The Content

Our team is currently working on producing a "How To" video for all of you who would like more context and suggestions regarding how to use and implement our Ablaze Family content at home in small groups and at your parish. However, in the meantime, our Executive Director, Kristen Fisher, wants to share some thoughts and ideas with you. We hope this helps!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Ablaze Family Groups

Can this be used for religious education/ formal catechesis of children?

Ablaze content is geared toward evangelization; a proclamation of the Good News of God’s great love for us, as it has been experienced and continues to be an ongoing reality in the lives of our testimony givers! We want people to come to know that God is real, He is with us, and His saving love is a reality meant to be experienced by EACH OF US, just like the people in the videos and the saints we quote in the prezis!  To that end, we recommend that it be used IN CONJUNCTION WITH more robust catechetical formation; it is through a personal encounter with Jesus Christ that we experience his love, and thus grow in our desire to know Him and his Church more fully. While all of our testimonies embody lived experiences of what we believe as Catholics (dignity of the human person, the real presence in the Eucharist, etc.), Ablaze content is not intended to be used as a primary resource for catechesis.

Who can use Ablaze content?

Anyone!  Families who want to get together with other families, parish faith formation programs and youth groups, home school communities… if you have 2 or more families, you can run an Ablaze group!  The key is that parents and children participate together. This doesn’t mean that all of the discussion needs to happen all together, as we know that people of all ages benefit from discussing their faith and the faith portrayed in the testimonies with their peers specifically. But that this discussion takes place within the greater context of the family and families gathered, that parents are able to model for their own children the value of sharing their faith with others and having friends who will help them grow in faith, and parents are able to have a common faith experience with their child which can serve as a springboard for conversations and prayer time in the days, weeks, and months to come.

Do you recommend a particular meeting model/ schedule for the Ablaze family groups?

We have a few in particular that seem to work well. The first is having the families get together once per month. This is particularly helpful for those who wish to use this as an addition to parish-based catechetical programs, as it allows the catechetical program to take place 3x per month, and then once per month, everyone participates in an Ablaze family group INSTEAD (not in addition to!) of the regular catechetical formation. Another option is to have the Ablaze groups take place every week for the first 2 months of the catechetical year, acknowledging that Catechesis presupposes Evangelization and that it is a personal encounter with the Lord that helps us open our minds and our hearts to all of His revealed Truth. This model helps to lay a relationship-based foundation for all of the teaching that follows. Another option is to use it as a Lenten/ Easter mini-course, to better assist individuals and families in entering more deeply into the Paschal Mystery and welcoming the saving love of Christ in a more personal way. But part of the beauty of the Ablaze content is that it can be used in whatever schedule or model works best for the particular families/ parish who is using it.

How is the Ablaze content different from other content options already available?

Great question!  There is a lot of good stuff out there these days for Catholics. What makes Ablaze content different is a few things:

  • it’s all wifi based. If you have internet, you can access our content, and will always be able to use the latest version available as it is updated live.
  • It’s for families. Ablaze allows everyone in a family, from toddlers to grandparents, to come together, enjoy some fun and fellowship with other Catholic families, and encounter the Lord as He reveals Himself in and through the lived experience of a person just like you. It gives us time and space AS A FAMILY to ask the Lord what He is trying to say to us, give Him time to say it through personal prayer and group conversation, and then time to prayerfully welcome Him to be at work in our own lives, just like the person that we saw on the testimony video.
  • It’s flexible. We have a few recommended models (see below), but Ablaze content can be used in parish and family small groups in whatever way works best for those particular families and groups. This allows parishes and families to work with existing requirements, schedules, spaces, etc. while still getting to experience the fullness of what Ablaze offers.
  • It builds community. Ablaze family groups allow the faith to move from the parish to the homes, and ultimately to the schools, the sports fields, the workplace…. Everywhere we go. And so our sense of belonging to Christ and his Church moves beyond the parish campus and into other aspect of our lives, as well. As one of our testimony givers said, “Saints have saints for friends.” Ablaze allows us to be the Communion of Saints together in the many places where we spend time and call home.
Can I access the videos to watch before/ after we watch them in our Ablaze family group setting?

Yes!  We highly recommend watching each video more than once with your own particular family, either as a preview leading up to seeing it at Ablaze, or as a follow up. In a beautiful prayer practice called Lectio Divina, people prayerfully read and re-read a particular part of Scripture and invite the Holy Spirit to speak to them in a particular way through it. Similarly, we know that each of us is part of God’s great story of salvation and that the Lord can and wants to speak through our own lives to reveal his love to others. So we encourage you to watch these vides several times (parents and kids together) and ask the Lord to really point out to you one or two things from that person’s sacred story, something that pertains not just to that person but to you as the viewer as well.

Do Ablaze Family Groups require STAND training?

Ablaze family content is intended to be used within the context of families, and in cooperation with all diocesan and archdiocesan child and youth protection policies. To that end, each child who participates must participate with his or her own parent. It is up to each parent to personally supervise their child at all times and at each session. Host families should be compliant with the child and youth protection policies that are in place for their home diocese and parish. 


Do you desire to empower your family to have hearts set

ABLAZE with the love of Christ?

Just as the disciples on the road to Emmaus encountered Jesus and exclaimed, “Were not our hearts burning within us?” (Luke 24:32), so too we seek to facilitate an encounter so real and so powerful that our youth will have hearts ablaze with the love of Christ.